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Support SJVTS in its mission of forming future servant-leaders for Mindanao and beyond. Your prayers and financial aid have been helping us realize our vision for the Church for almost four decades now.


  • Jesus’ Touch is a Message of Hope
    In the Gospel of Mark (1:40-45), we hear of the leper who had the courage to approach Jesus to ask for healing. According to the Jewish culture, leprosy is seen as a judgment on particular…

Forming Shepherds for Mindanao and Beyond

A regional theological seminary. The youngest theologate in Mindanao. An institution that upholds an Ignatian-inspired formation to the diocesan priesthood. For 35 years, St. John Vianney Theological Seminary continues its mission and renews its commitment to forming shepherds for Mindanao and beyond.
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Towards a Church of Communion, Participation, and Mission

The Church is, among many others, a community. And we believe that the work of formation – and growth of any vocation – flourishes in and with a mature community of discernment, freedom, friendship, and faith. Our SJVTS community envisions and strives to live out journey towards becoming a Church of Communion, Participation, and Mission – in Mindanao and beyond. 
We Are the Vianney Community…

…after the Heart of Jesus, Our Prophet, Priest, and Shepherd

“The heart of formation is the formation of the heart,” as our favorite saying goes. Guided by the ministry and life of our patron St. John Mary Vianney, SJVTS holds that the “Priesthood is the love of the heart of Jesus Christ.” We exist to form and produce priests for the Mindanao church and beyond – not just any priest but priests after the heart of Jesus Christ, our prophet, priest, and shepherd.
Forming Servant-Leaders, Forming Hearts. The SJVTS Way…

Doing Theology with Creative Fidelity and Pastoral Orientation

We are a Graduate School of Theology. As an academic institution, SJVTS is open for all who seek integral formation and holistic training in theology and deepening one’s knowledge of the Catholic faith and tradition. Our commitment is for each person’s integral growth, striving for that balance between a “faith seeking understanding” and a “faith that does justice” – this is our doing theology with creative fidelity and pastoral orientation. 
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