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Four Pillars of Seminary Formation

Human Formation

Human Formation

“Human Formation, being the foundation of all priestly formation, promotes the integral growth of the person and allows the integration of all its dimensions… Such a perspective should bring the seminarian to a balanced sense of self-respect, leading him to be aware of his own talents and learning how to place them at the service of the People of God.”

RFIS, 94
Academic Formation

Intellectual Formation

“Intellectual Formation in theology has a definite Pastoral orientation and goal. Through theological study, ‘the future priest assents to the Word of God, grows in his Spiritual life and prepares himself for Pastoral ministry.”

–   UPPPF, 95
Spiritual Formation

Spiritual Formation

Spiritual Formation is directed at nourishing and sustaining communion with God and with our brothers and sisters, in the friendship of Jesus the Good Shepherd, and with an attitude of docility to the Holy Spirit. This intimate relationship forms the heart of the seminarian in that generous and sacrificial love that marks the beginning of Pastoral charity.”

RFIS, 101
Pastoral Formation

Pastoral Formation

“…A Formation of a specifically pastoral character must be provided. It should be such as to help the seminarian to acquire the inner freedom to live the apostolate as service, able to see the work of God in the hearts and lives of the people.”

RFIS, 119

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