Towards a Church of Communion, Participation, and Mission

SJVTS believes that the work of formation, including the cultivation of vocation, happens in and through the community. The conviction, so central to thrust and spirit of our Viannista formation, finds strong expression in the new Ratio which affirms: “Community life during the years of initial formation must make an impact on each individual, purifying his intentions and transforming the conduct of his life as he gradually conforms himself to Christ. Formation comes about every day through interpersonal relationships, moments of exchange and discussion which result in the development of that ‘fertile soil’, in which a vocation matures concretely” (RFIS, 50).

The Role of BEC in Formation

Basic Ecclesial Communities (BEC) in SJVTS are organized into BEC cells by their respective Moderators in consultation with the Human-Spiritual Formation Cluster. The purpose of the BEC cells is to help the different groups experience what true faith community is all about. BEC cells meet weekly following the general format being used in the Philippine Church.

“Our vision of the Church as communion, participation, and mission, about the Church as a priestly, prophetic and kingly people and as a Church of the poor – a Church that is renewed – is today finding expression in one ecclesial movement. This is the movement to foster Basic Ecclesial Communities” (PCP II, 137).

Decrees of the Second Plenary Council of the Philippines (PCP II), no. 37