Doing Theology with Creative Fidelity and Pastoral Orientation

As a Graduate School of Theology, SJVTS uphelds its academic and intellectual commitment which encompass both the integral formation of seminarians and the holistic training of lay and religious church workers. We believe in cultivating and providing space and atmosphere for academic and theological pursuits which are “creatively faithful to the Roman Catholic tradition, critically responsive to the local church and global context, and directed towards transformative praxis.”

Academic Programs

By the authority granted by the Commission on Higher Education, SJVTS offers 4 kinds of civil degrees: Master in Pastoral Ministry (non-thesis program), Master in Theology (non-thesis program), Master of Arts in Pastoral Ministry (thesis program), and Master of Arts in Theology (thesis program). The subjects taken in the seminary course may be applied to any of these degrees. These civil degrees are offered to both divinity and non-divinity (or GTP) students.

SJVTS offers the following Masters’ Programs, both for the Divinity and Non-Divinity Tracks:

1. Master of Arts in Theology (MAT)
2. Master of Arts in Pastoral Ministry (MAPM)

1. Master in Theology
2. Master in Pastoral Ministry

Baccalaureate in Sacred Theology (STB)

In 2017, the Holy See, through a decree from the Congregation for Catholic Education, has approved the 5-year period affiliation of SJVTS with the Loyola School of Theology (LST) in Manila. The relationship of affiliation grants the seminary, through LST, the faculty to confer the ecclesiastical degree, Baccalaureate in Sacred Theology (STB), on the students of SJVTS.